How A Struggling Industry ‘Nobody’ Did Less To Gain Authority In Her Market And Fill Events

Grace Lever


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Hi there,

Grace again, here for my fourth and final blog about how I went from being an industry ‘nobody’… 

To catapulting myself to the top of the expert ladder and gaining the authority I needed to be finally heard AND taken seriously by my market.

If you’ve just joined me, turn around, and start at blog #1. 

If you’ve read this far, I want to thank you 🙂 

You’ve really proved that you’re a Doer who wants to rise to the top and fast-track your success as a female entrepreneur. 

By now you’ve learnt about my own personal journey as an ambassador for my local female entrepreneur networking group… 

How being an ambassador for a larger company helped me rocket to gaining my ‘celebrity status’ within my market… 

How leveraging off an established brand to run events made my personal brand shine, and quickly moved me up the ladder to being an expert and speaker…

And how you can utilise this kind of ambassadorship to learn the skills needed to grow your own business 🙂 


If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably asking if this ‘unfair advantage’ will work for you… 

And whether you can fill these kinds of events to hone your expertise and grow your status.  

“How do I never have to worry about getting people to turn up to my events again?“

I hear you. 

I had the same fear myself before my first ambassador event. 

This fear started years before my ambassadorship with an experience that scarred me, at the first event I ever ran where I booked out a room at the Manly Golf Club. 

I booked it out for 50 people, and guess how many turned up? 

It wasn’t half full. 

It wasn’t a quarter full. 

It wasn’t even 1/10th full. 

That’s right… 

Just 3 people showed up. 

Let me tell you now, Lovely…

I was humiliated… confused… defeated… devastated…  

But mostly I felt truly and completely alone 🙁 

I knew I had a Genius Zone that could reach a lot of people… 

But I knew that presenting to three people wasn’t how I was going to get my message heard. 

It was terrifying, and I wanted to quit, except I didn’t. 

Instead, after discovering the common thread that successful female entrepreneurs possess was leading a community… 

I set out to find an established brand that I could partner with, and that could take the stress of running events and filling them off my shoulders. 

Becoming an ambassador for my local female entrepreneur networking group turned everything around.

Running and filling events no longer sat squarely on my shoulders…

I felt supported, safe and heard…

And they always made sure my events were filled… I no longer had  to worry about turning up to an empty room.

In fact, I felt like a superstar!

Which is why I’ve decided to create my Doing Ambassador program to raise up female entrepreneurs and help them step into their expert leader status… 

Because I know I can make more of a difference. 

Over the past 6 years, I’ve equipped thousands of women to build a scalable profitable lifestyle business in their industry and niche. 

I’ve created a movement of female entrepreneurs spanning 72 countries… 

I’ve built an email list of over 624,000 ‘Doers with a vision’. 

And I want nothing more than to take this message to every part of the world…

However I can’t do it alone. 

I need committed, dedicated and passionate ladies like you to pass the baton to, so together we can create an unforgettable legacy. 

Sounds exciting, right?!

And if you accept this invitation, here’s my pledge to you…

I’ll use the leverage I’ve created to fill rooms for you, so you can focus on your Genius Zone and move up the expert status ladder.

Whether you want to do live or online events…

You’ll never need to worry about only 3 people showing up like I did.

Because just as the backing of a larger organisation made a huge difference for me… 

I’ll help you grow authority in a cluttered market, gain more confidence as a speaker and presenter in a safe environment… 

I’ll help you quickly eliminate all the bottlenecks that get in the way of growing your coaching business – like getting stuck in the tech, offer creation, marketing and customer support… 

And I’ll help you become the expert in your market, and the leader you’ve always wanted to be (while earning a generous side-income).

That’s right, Lovely… 

You’ve got me in your corner 🙂

You can ethically “borrow” the celebrity status from The Doers Way to make more sales, have more leverage and change more lives… 

Even if nobody knows your name yet!

Are you starting to see the incredible influence that being an ambassador could have on you and your biz?

Don’t worry, I’ve developed a system which takes care of everything…

Joining my Doing Ambassador program will change everything for you, just like becoming an ambassador all those years ago changed everything for me.

And what’s better, is that I’ve been through this before myself. 

I’ve been exactly where you are right now…

And I’m here to say… I see you

No woman should EVER feel alone.

In fact, I feel so strongly about this that…

If you join my Doing Ambassador’s program… 

I’ll match you with my very own strategic coach and personal mentor, Patsy!

Patsy has mentored me for the majority of my 200+ events… and she’s going to be YOUR chief of VIP support, helping you with your events… your sales… everything you need to ensure you’ll be successful! 

Whether you need support or advice, just consider Patsy your personal cheer squad and coach like she is for me 🙂 


If you’re ready to be heard…

If you’re ready to have your events filled for you with a room full of female entrepreneurs who are excited to hear what you have to say… 

And if you’re ready to gain your expert status, confidence and success… 

You can Apply NOW for one of our limited Doing Ambassador positions 🙂 

Once you fill out your application form and book in a time to speak to someone from my team, we’ll find out if being a Doing Ambassador is right for you!

I can’t wait to have you on my team 🙂 




Thanks so much for reading my blogs!! 

If you’ve made it this far (four blogs in, to the very bottom of the very last page) I can tell that you’re on the fence. 

You KNOW that becoming a Doing Ambassador makes sense… but there is clearly something that is stopping you from putting your hand up and saying that you’re ready to be the expert in your field you know you are… from reaching your full potential.

Well Lovely, let me ask you: 

If not now, then when? 

Can you and your business afford to NOT jump on this opportunity to become a Doing Ambassador?

Can you afford to let these opportunities pass you by: 

  • Learning how to sell, not in a sleazy way… but in a way that leads to you teaching and communicating with the attendees so you both understand each other 🙂 
  • Gaining your expert status – a sure way to propel yourself to the top of your market!
  • Perfecting your presenting skill in a way that gets your audience excited.
  • Being taught how to engage and connect in a room.
  • Having Patsy (my personal mentor) as your very own coach and cheer squad – she’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your Doing Days are a success!! 
  • Joining the exclusive Doing Ambassador Facebook Group, which allows you to connect with and learn from other Ambassadors.
  • Having your event promoted to the millions of female entrepreneurs I have in my database.
  • Earning commission – so if you think about it, once you start earning commission, you’ll be earning this $1,997 investment back in no time (and then some!)
  • Meeting so many other amazing female entrepreneurs… women who need your help
  • And more…

I’ll tell you what…

If you’re truly STILL on the fence after all that, then let’s have a chat to see if being a Doing Ambassador is right for you… no strings attached.




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