To The Female Entrepreneur Who Is Afraid To Become The Leader She Knows Is Inside Her

Grace Lever


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Hi Lovely,

Grace again!

Welcome back, thanks for following on to my next blog 🙂 

Have you forgotten where we got up to? Allow me to jog your memory… 

In my recent blogs, I told you how back in 2014, I was at rock bottom with over $100,000 of credit card debt…

And zero clue what to do next to grow my business.

My business wason life support, and I found myself struggling just to pay the rent.

I was tearing my hair out, knowing something had to change – but not knowing how or what.

It was in this painful place that it struck me…

I decided to find the common thread that successful female entrepreneurs all possessed.

So, I spent hours researching and discovered…

They were all leading a successful community.

A few days later, I found a local female entrepreneur networking group, and applied to become an ambassador.

And when I got it, I grew in so many areas:

  • I learned how to engage and connect in a room…
  • I became more confident in asking questions and understanding attendees…
  • I learned how to teach and communicate in a way that got others excited!
  • I honed my presentation skills…

But most importantly, I catapulted myself to the top of the expert ladder…

And gained the authority I needed to be finally heard AND taken seriously by my market.

Leading a successful community has been such a blessing that gave me the platform, voice and status to step into my expert leader status.


Even though I had discovered this ‘unfair advantage’, 

it still wasn’t easy for me because I was petrified of public speaking.

I was worried about my events not filling… 

I was concerned about being perceived as salesy… 

And I didn’t think I could ever be “a leader”.

Even though I was already an ambassador at this stage… and despite the research I did which proved to me that this was how I could gain my much needed authority… 

I still had my doubts.

Leveraging someone else’s brand was appealing and exciting, but I was unsure of myself 🙁 

I still remembered hosting my first event…

I felt intimidated, even scared. 

I’d already been scarred by one experience, where the only person who showed up was my own team member (and it was flipping terrifying)…

And I was worried about whether the people in the room (including my friends and family) would see me as an authority figure.

Yet, I was shocked beyond words when…  

I walked into a full room for my first event.

Being supported by a larger organisation who drove the registrations made a huge difference. 

And as I gained confidence about speaking in public, I became calmer and more relaxed. 

I lost my awkwardness, and… 

My hands stopped shaking when I spoke. 

In fact, I began enjoying every minute! 

This is coming from someone who used to fear public speaking more than anything! 

The kind of person who used to get nervous answering questions at school… praying I wouldn’t get called upon by the teacher (even when I knew the answer for certain).

Get this – other ladies even started saying I was a great leader (something I’d rarely heard before)… 

And the icing on the cake? 

I was invited to speak at one of their larger events…

Where I gained further credibility and stage time. 

I felt like a rock star!

THIS is the celebrity status I’d been hoping for! 

People were finally listening to what I had to say. Not only when I was an ambassador for another group, but for my own business!

It was incredible.

Plus… the beauty of being an ambassador was eliminating all the frustrating (and time-intensive) aspects of building a business, and diving directly into presenting in front of a group. 

I didn’t have to build the “marketing machine” to sell and monetise the opportunity I’d created.

I don’t have to craft an offer…

Embrace the tech…

Create it…

Automate everything…

Sell it..

And fulfil it once a client had purchased…

I could focus on growing my confidence and expert status first. 

Talk about removing a brick in my backpack when I was first starting out!

Often it’s easier to start building a business by partnering with another brand that has this foundation set up.

The hours upon hours I would have spent crafting my offer and creating it was already done for me, and all I had to do was sell it.  

If you lack confidence when it comes to selling yourself like I did… 

Personally, I found it easier promoting someone else’s brand as an Ambassador as there was less pressure, and it felt way less braggy! 

(This was super helpful training though… as I got used to the idea of selling, I was able to transfer these skills into my own business. Talk about win/win). 

Again, this is coming from someone who would avoid sales calls like the plague.

And if you struggle with presenting… Believe me when I say it’s like riding a bike. 

Now that I wasn’t focusing on the million and one other things that I need to consider when working in my own business… 

I had the freedom to hone in on my presentation skills, and getting up on stage and speaking wasn’t as scary or stressful as I thought it’d be

Plus, it didn’t hurt that the audience was actually interested in what I had to say, because they already had faith in the brand I was representing, which filtered down to faith in me 🙂 

It honestly felt like I was handed “Authority in a Box”…  

Which is essentially what you will get if you choose to join my Doing Ambassador’s Program 🙂 

Doing Ambassadors is super similar to the ambassadorship that I went through… but with more perks 😉 

If you stick around… I’ll explain them to you in my next blog!




Want to know how you can access this “Authority in a Box”, but don’t want to wait for tomorrow’s blog? 

You can SUBMIT YOUR INTEREST to speak to one of my team and find out if being a Doing Ambassador is right for you!

FYI, we are only accepting 50 Doing Ambassadors inside this intake, and we’re sharing these blogs far and wide… so it’s probably not a bad idea to book a call with us while spots are still available!

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