My Low-Budget Course Built a Coaching and Consulting Empire

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Hi Lovely!

If you’re sick of wiping client’s snotty noses, this blog post is for you!

A few years ago, my world looked pretty different…

I was hosting live events to spend time with prospects face to face and share my business coaching with them in a really valuable way.

The events were amazing opportunities to connect, engage, and attract new clients…

Plus they were amazing at generating revenue!

And why wouldn’t they be?

My service centered around a Done-For-You framework, where they could sit back and do as little as possible, while I got them results.

Talk about a good deal, right?

But while ignorance was bliss for so many of those clients, I was maxed out.

Presenting on stage to sell these programs was time-consuming…

Not to mention the commitment it took to fulfil the needs of my new (and sometimes demanding) clients.

Quickly, I was burning the candle at both ends!

I guess I hadn’t mastered how to download my Genius Zone into a scalable asset and create a smart business model…

I was being forced to recreate the wheel everytime I generated a new client.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun at the start and sure, I was good at it…

But it didn’t take long before I was drowning in toxic client relationships.

I wasn’t empowering them or equipping them to take ownership of their own results.

It reminded me of a parent trying to drop their kid at kindy on the first day…

When it came time for me to hand over their campaigns, they came back kicking and screaming, and refusing to let me leave them!

They were riddled with entrepreneur-flu (think man-flu but way more miserable)…

And I was being forced to wipe their snotty noses and feed them chicken noodle soup whenever they had a hiccup!

They were fully dependent on me, and I was trapped.

I couldn’t scale and grow my business, because they were constantly asking me for more, more, more!

And all because I’d failed to equip them to do it themselves.

Here I was, trying to build a movement to empower and equip female entrepreneurs globally…

And I was getting stuck trying to fulfil the needs of only a handful of clients who were dependent rather than empowered.

Sure, those few women I worked with were able to profit from our relationship and what I was doing for them…

But were they fulfilled?


I knew I wasn’t having the impact I was created to have.

If I was going to keep doing what I was doing, either I needed to learn to live without sleep…

Or something else needed to change!

(And if you know how highly I value a good night’s sleep, I’m sure you can guess which option I picked 😉)

I knew something had to change, but I was torn.

The female entrepreneurs I was working with wanted me to build their businesses for them…

They told me that straight out!

So I was simply trying to give them what they thought they wanted because I desperately wanted to make a difference in their journey…

To save them from making the same mistakes I made.

Sure, I was getting burnt out, but I was helping them wasn’t I?

Didn’t I care about that, more than my own sleep?

Wasn’t that more important?

DefeatedI picked up the phone and dialed a fellow business founder – someone I looked up to – to try and figure out what I could do.

I explained to her that I was giving these women what they wanted but it still wasn’t working.

No one was empowered or equipped.

And I was seriously burnt out!

She replied, “Grace, you’re not giving them what they want, you’re just giving them what they say they want…

You need to calm down and step back and look at the situation you have created for what it is…

Think about it, Grace…” she said.

“What do they really really want?”

That’s when it dawned on me.

Even though I was building everything for them, I wasn’t giving them any confidence or mastery.

They said they wanted me to do it all for them…

But what they actually wanted was me to support them, encourage them, and most importantly…

Show them the way! 

So when it came time to take off their training wheels, they weren’t afraid.

And not just my current clients, but more female entrepreneurs too, which I simply didn’t have time to serve with my Done For You model.

All of a sudden, I realised what I had to do:

I had to brain dump my Genius Zone into something they could access even if I wasn’t there.

They needed to know how to wipe their own snotty business noses, right!? 😉

And the way to do that was…

Through an online course and training portal that showed them step-by-step what I was actually doing for them when I was building their businesses.

It seemed almost too good to be true…

I could create this “asset” once, and continue to sell it for as long as I wanted?!

All this information was in my head anyway, I may as well just download it into a course for my clients to use, right?

But at the same time, I was so used to my way of doing things.

I’d always associated being paid by providing a service, or working a specific number of hours (you know, trading my time for money).

How could I actually add value to these clients by just providing them information?

Would people even want this?

While I was still weighing up the options, word started to travel around my family…

And my father called me out of the blue to ask me if I was taking the lazy route instead of actually providing any value to customers.

Geeze, talk about a confidence boost! ☹️

Even though I was full of doubt, I knew there was something too big to ignore.

I knew I had a bigger purpose to impact way more female entrepreneurs that I was.

I couldn’t keep going on the way I was.

But this could also flop dismally, leaving me totally humiliated.

Was this the answer?

Was this the missing link…

Downloading my Genius Zone into a course?

With my next event fast approaching, I had to make a decision on what I was going to offer at the end of the workshop.

So I decided to take the risky route…

Say goodbye to my usual Done-For-You offer, and sell my brand spanking new online course instead.

coaching and consulting

There was only one slight problem…I didn’t have a course to sell.

I had 48 hours to somehow create an 8-module course, make it perfect, and have it ready for students to jump into, right?!

So many thoughts were running through my head…

Should I just wait and sell the course next time?

Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea?

Maybe I should stick to what I know? Don’t fix what’s not broken, right?

But that was the problem… I was broken.

Even a little sick at the thought of carrying on like I was.

I was so maxed-out and drained, I was becoming useless to my clients.

After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result…

And I’d been insane for too long 😉

Despite my efforts to piece together the course before the event, I’d wasted too much time making up my mind.

It was time for the event and I literally had nothing to sell!

I’d spent $10,000 to rent the room and fill it with attendees…

And could hear my dad’s doubts ringing in my ears.

But I had no choice because quitting wasn’t an option for me.

I was going to have to sell my new online course without a single module ready to go, and people were going to have to buy it…

And that was that.

As it turns out, I made the right move.

When I introduced the course at the end of the workshop, 77% of the room took me up on my new offer.

77% of people bought a course I didn’t even have!

And that’s when I knew that this was what they really really wanted 😉

And the best part? I could sell it again at the next event…

And again after that…

And again after that!

All I had to do is create the course once and it was done. I could sell it forever.

And the even better part?! I could sell it before even building it.

Talk about game-changing right?!

It was so overwhelming to know how valuable this was to my clients, even before they got their hands on it.

And yet…

There was still a bit of doubt.

I don’t know what it was – maybe my dad’s voice was still ringing in my ears? But I couldn’t help but doubt myself yet again…

Had I just gotten lucky?

Did more female entrepreneurs actually need this?

Was my market big enough?

I didn’t have nearly enough tech experience to create a course, did I?!

Surely this was going to be way too expensive?

And if I’m being really honest, it certainly wasn’t all sunshine after that live event.

Not until I figured out the right way to do things, which I eventually did…

But at the start, my plan (if you could call it that) looked a bit like this:

First, have an idea of what I wanted to offer in a course…

Then test that in front of a live audience to see if it’s what they really (really) want…

And then set a start date with enough time for me to build the 8 modules.

It seemed good in theory, but I didn’t really think it through.

After I’d come off the high of selling all my new members this course, I only had 7 days to build out my new content.

Arghh!! Daunting to say the least!

I spent 7 endless days pumping out 8 modules…

And wasted so much time creating content that my clients didn’t even need.

But I should have done something else instead – it didn’t have to be this way…

(Get ready because this next fact has been ground-breaking for some of my clients…

And a little controversial for others too!)

I should have just built the course as my members worked through it.

All I needed to do was stay one week ahead of where my members were at with the content.

Because what I realized as time went on, and I gained more experience with online courses, was that my members would be the best source of insight as I built out the rest of the content.

Knowing what they wanted next meant the course was packed with so much more value than even I could have dreamt up!

Even though I did end up creating 8 modules in 7 days…

I totally didn’t need to do it that way!

Although I was able to tweak the content to better suit my members, based on their questions and feedback…

I could have made life a lot easier if I’d waited to build the other modules, and eliminated that double handling.

But at the end of the day, I was still able to validate, fill and launch an online course in 7 days…

Plus I was able to draw from my member’s real wants, and make it super valuable for them over our 8 weeks together.

And if you’re thinking ‘This is great Grace, but I would love more support’ I’d love to help you! You can join my own exclusive Doers Inner Circle for $1 USD and get access to myself, my team and all of our Doing strategies right now… And, access the support you need to apply them to your own business. 

coaching and consulting

Was it a high-value production?


Do I get a little (a lot) embarrassed when I look back at those videos?


But did it show me and teach me the best way to package my Genius Zone, and sell it in an online course?

Yes, 100% 🙂

That was four years ago, and that one nasty little course (check out these screenshots!) has gone on to generate over $5 million in sales…

Yep – I can’t believe it either!

coaching and consulting

You might be thinking right now, that creating a course for your business seems way too hard.

It’ll take way too much time…

It’s going to cost way too much money.

But I’m serious when I say: course creation is so much more simple than you think.

You can create courses in days, not weeks or months, and I bet you already have the gear you’d need hiding in your office drawers as we read this.

Maybe you’re worried your market doesn’t buy online courses – you can’t just charge them for information.

I used to think this too…

But through my controversial way of selling online course...

You might think you’re not techy enough…

But actually, the tech component of course creation doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

There are so many valuable, easy to use resources out there. If I can master them, anyone can 😉

The truth is, creating courses has totally changed my life and business, but the even better part?

It’s changed the lives of other female entrepreneurs too. Check out a testimony I received about one of my first ever courses (yep, one of the cringey ones!):

coaching and consulting

I’m so excited for you to get a piece of this magic and start making the same impact on your clients too.


Grace Lever

Are you not 100% sure which course to create? Check out this blog about completely brain dumping your Genius Zone!

Beat the overwhelm and safeguard your business for years to come. Take things one step further and join my Doers Inner Circle for SO much more support and advice… and because you’ve already shown you’re a Doer I want to let you inside on a $1 USD Trial! Click through here and you’ll get straight inside my exclusive community for a single buck.

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