The A-Z of Mapping Out Your Online Course

The A-Z of Mapping Out Your Online Course
The Doers Way


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Hey Lovely,

I constantly see female entrepreneurs struggling to map out their online course. 

As in… They don’t know what modules and lessons to put inside, in what order. 

It turns into a complicated jumble in their head, making them put their course in the too-hard basket… 

Take months or years to launch it… 

Or even shelve it forever and miss a slice of that $150 billion e-learning industry that’s just waiting to be staked. 

Years ago I stumbled upon this simple strategy of mapping out a course logically and in a way that flows… 

And I promise you, once you know this you will never wonder what to put inside your course again. 

And you’ll see it’s so simple, so you don’t have to waste another second stuck in course creation limbo. 

And the way it works is this. 

Right now, you’re encoded with a unique Genius Zone that shows people the way out of their most painful frustrations.

And this Genius Zone might have four or even five courses in it. 

That’s where things can get really confusing. 

A lot of people have so many thoughts, ideas and opportunities swirling in their minds… 

And the challenge is to pull all that knowledge and experience into one, beautiful structured signature program that’s simple for your market to pick up and consume. 

I was recently talking to someone and I said to her, “Right, I want you to structure out your course and be really selective in what you put inside. Don’t overdo it.” 

She came back to me with an Excel spreadsheet and each lesson had its own row. 

There were 487 rows. 487. 

Can you imagine doing a course that contained this many lessons? 

People would get overwhelmed and probably cry by the end of module one. 

This lady had 10 courses in her head and was trying to squeeze them all together.

You just have to be selective and pick one. 

So how do you do that when there is so much ground to cover? 

I have a framework to make this process super simple, and lets you to create a short, sharp and concise course with modules and lessons that flow.

When you’re creating a course, you’re going to have a journey that you’re taking people on, right? 

You’re taking them from A to Z. 

Firstly, figure out what A and Z represents for your market. 

Think of A as the problem. This is where they are today. 

They’re stuck in this problem because they don’t have your Genius Zone. 

Whether it’s not being able to put their child to sleep, and as a result, they haven’t slept in two years… 

Or maybe they don’t know about nutrition and eating for their body type, so as a result, they’ve really been struggling with their weight and yo-yo dieting. 

Or maybe they’re a business owner and they don’t have your social media marketing skills. 

So as a result, their social media doesn’t have the credibility that paints them as an expert. 

Outline that problem in less than a sentence. What does it feel like to be in that situation?

You might find this hard to crystallise upfront because you don’t have this problem. It’s your Genius Zone, right? 

So imagine them in the middle of the night, on the floor with a tub of ice cream, devastated about this problem. Imagine that moment and write it down.

Maybe you’re like the business I had, which was an automation coaching agency that helped people who were burnt out and exhausted from a running manual businesses and could not take one more day. 

That’s how I’d write my market’s problem out. 

Then, at the other end of the page, I want you to write out what their brand new day looks like, in just a few words. This is the ‘Z’ part, where you’re taking them to. 

So at the end of my automation coaching course, my clients were able to have a streamlined, systemized business that could run hands-free, where they could save eight hours every single week. 

Or maybe your sleep training course is able to give a mum six hours of sleep back a night from three months of age. 

So what does that brand new day look like? At the end of working with you, what can they achieve?

If you had that person on the kitchen floor in front of you, and you’re allowed to tell them six steps to leave their problem…

What would those steps be? 

What steps do they need to take from a constantly crying baby to getting 6 hours of restful sleep a night? 

You can have up to eight steps… 

And sometimes you end up with 10, so you might think “Ok, let’s simplify this. These two steps could actually be one.” 

These steps end up becoming the modules for your course. 

Can you see the power of this? 

And once you’ve got the modules locked in, simply put six to eight lessons under each one and you’re good to go. 

This process allows you to take all of that confusion and stuff that’s up in your head, and simplify it right down. 

And you are not allowed to have more than eight modules. Sorry, that’s my rule. 

I hope this has made mapping out your beautiful signature online program easier…

So you can take all the knowledge swirling up in your head and start monetising it. 



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