Top 3 Facebook Ad Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Hey there, Grace here.

Today, we’re going to dive straight into the 3 main Facebook ad mistakes that advertisers make when running campaigns…

Mistakes I’ve made too, that once cost me $30k in one totally avoidable campaign.

But mistakes that you don’t have to make, if you choose this different route.

And here’s the best part…

These mistakes have absolutely nothing to do with Facebook ads.

Sure, I’m going to teach you later HOW to actually write an irresistible Facebook ad…

But the reason people are failing has less to do with the ad itself…

And more to do with what comes next.

Pssst there’s a LOT more I have to share with you to avoid traps like these and then some… and because you’ve taken the step to read this blog you’ve proved you’re a Doer already, right? So I’m going to let you in on it all for a single buck. Click through here and join My Doers Inner Circle on a $1 Trial and get access to my 7-figure strategies as well as the support of over 2000 like-minded female entrepreneurs.

So, to avoid sure-fire ad failure, and save yourself tens of thousands in the process, just keep reading…

facebook ad mistakes: a lady using a calculator

You see, when I first started pursuing my “Give First” strategy in Facebook ads, I knew I was onto a good thing…

I was offering something that my audience wanted instead of just asking them to buy my product or service.

I had that right, but where was I going wrong?

Well, you see, as soon as they became interested and clicked through my ad to find out more…

I sent them to my website.

Introducing reason #1 why most Facebook ads flop – sending your viewers to your website.

This sounds great in theory – what else are you supposed to do?!

It seems like common sense to send people through to a page on your website, doesn’t it?

Well yes, but there’s a big problem you see…

Websites have navigation bars.

Websites have links to blogs.

Websites have sidebars, pop-ups, home pages, contact forms, and everything else.

facebook ad mistakes: a lady typing on a laptop

And as a result, there are just too many decisions that your traffic are invited to make while they’re on that page!

Don’t get me wrong, websites aren’t bad in and of themselves – you need one, it’s 2020.

But your website isn’t where you need to send your traffic to from your Facebook ad.

So where is?

A landing page!

The first landing page at the start of your Facebook funnel, to be exact.

Your landing page looks similar to your website in terms of branding, but the key difference of this page (and every other page in the rest of the funnel I’m going to show you) is…

There’s only ONE action people can take.

two ladies working on a laptop together

For example, on the page you might say…

Want to download my free cheat sheet (aka. Your “Give First” lead magnet) – yes or no?

Want to watch a free 15-minute workout video – yes or no?

Want to access my free business roadmap – yes or no?

By giving them this one option, your landing page will convert infinitely better than your website would!

Just quietly darl – this will be your secret advantage when it comes to Facebook ads.

A website will typically convert at around 5%…

So, if 100 people are interested in your ad, and clicking through to your “Give First” lead magnet, 5 of them will hand over their email address and take that next step.

But, listen to THIS…

If you’re sending those people who click your Facebook ad to your landing page…

One that might look a bit like this:

a screenshot Grace Lever's landing page

You’ll be looking at more like 50% conversions – sometimes more!

(I’ve even had girls in my community that have taken my landing page and applied it to their business, and converted at up to 77%).

So, instead of just 5 new emails, you can get more like 50 people giving you their name and email…

And taking that next step towards a sale with you.

Can you see the power in this yet?

One simple switch could see you having 5x as many people booking into your calendar than what your competitors are getting…

Nuts, right?!

And the other cool thing is, you can get software that will actually create these landing pages for you as well using their own templates.

So it’s totally easy to avoid throwing tens of thousands of dollars down the drain.

coins poured out of a money jar

Once I realised that I was falling short by sending my Facebook ads to my website, I switched things up.

I created my lead magnet, and sent my ads to a landing page instead…

And thus became the first step in my Facebook funnel 😉

So, what was next? Once I had my client’s email address from their download, was that the point that I needed to go in for the kill and email them to buy my offer?

Well, not quite 😉

You see, that’s what the “7 Figure Facebook Funnel” is all about… taking your market from your irresistibly crafted Facebook ad that might look something like this…

To your value-packed lead magnet hosted on your landing page, which looks like this…

screenshot of a landing page

And then (and only then) to your offer, hosted on a thank you page that looks like this:

screenshot of the doer's way website

Here is where you’ll thank them for downloading your lead magnet and let them know it’s on its way, but in the meantime, they can find out more about your other offer to help them in a more tailored way.

Even the most inexperienced coach, consultant or professional servicewoman

Can literally create a 7-figure system from 3 web pages.

Simple, right!?

That’s the key, instead of creating complicated, convoluted funnels, all you have to do to have raving Facebook ad success is create one simple funnel…

With one simple ad, one simple landing page, and one simple thank you page.

And if you’re thinking ‘This is great Grace, but I’m not sure how to do this myself’ I’d love to help you! You can join my own exclusive Doers Inner Circle for $1 USD and get access to myself, my team and all of our Doing strategies right now 🙂

But, this brings me to reason number #2 why Facebook ads flop…

That being: the offer.  

And no, I’m not talking about your lead magnet here (stay with me)…

I’m talking about something different.

When I first started offering my products and services through Facebook ads, I wanted to dip my toes in the water…

a woman typing on a Macbook

And as a result, I was focussing on promoting my low-ticket offers.

You know, my $27 mini-courses, $97 programs, and other lower-priced opportunities.

But here’s the thing…

Facebook isn’t going to charge you less if you’re promoting a low-ticket offer, compared to if you’re promoting a high-ticket one.

To actually make a return on my Facebook investment, I realised I needed to shift my focus.

The reason that advertisers are drowning in the rising Facebook advertising costs is because they never had this realization…


Think about it, if you’re spending $100 on an ad, getting 20 people to opt-in to your lead magnet, and getting 3 people to book into your calendar…

a shot of a table with a calendar, phone, laptop, clock, newspaper on top

Wouldn’t you rather those people buy a $2,000 product, instead of a $27 one?

Or let me put it this way…

Would you rather make $81 or $6,000?

I think it’s a no-brainer, right?!

But for so many people falling on their face with Facebook, they’ve missed this step.

So, instead of offering a $27 mini-course or $97 program…

Use your funnel to make real income, and as a result, real IMPACT on your client’s lives.

Whether it’s a high-ticket coaching program, a $2k online course, a VIP retreat, a one-on-one coaching service, or whatever else it might be…

Use your consult call at the end of your funnel to sell that, and you won’t go wrong 😉

It’s simple, right?!

Yeah GIF

That brings me to the third and final reason that advertisers flop when it comes to Facebook ads…

The biggest reason why my ad strategy is different, compared to so many others out there is:

It’s simple.

A lot of “Gurus” out there are teaching all these convoluted and complex advertising strategies that are cool on the surface, but are just so damn complicated!

And aggressive, too!

In all my experience with Facebook advertising, I’ve realised that anyone can make something complicated…

It takes a skilled business-woman in the loop (like you are now), to make something that’s powerful AND simple.

Instead of building up all these convoluted approaches and aggressive techniques that all but beg my ad readers to buy my product, or join my program…

I’ve realised that offering them value first in a simple funnel is the way to go:

Start with your ad, offering your lead magnet (that free cheat sheet, downloadable or video that provides immense value to your clients off the bat)…

Then take them to a landing page (not a website) where they can put their email in to get the lead magnet…

And while it’s downloading, show them the thank you page where you’ll promote your consult or program.

This way they only have one choice to make at each step…

And the whole process is a lot more simple and gentle.

facebook ad mistakes: A shot of a Macbook, journal and a coffee mug

As long as you hold back from falling into the trap of these mistakes?

Now if any of these are common practice for you, don’t feel let down.

They’re easy to make, and insanely common because they’re how Facebook ads used to be.

But now, with the market so saturated, and 2 billion active users on Facebook who are sick of those complicated, aggressive advertisements…

We’ve got to shake things up a bit, don’t we?

The system is broken if we’re doing it the old way, and you can easily avoid falling into the same traps so many advertisers do by following this Facebook Funnel Formula instead.

Use landing pages if you want to see serious conversion…

Focus on high-ticket offers if you want to make a real return on your investment…

And keep it simple if you want to avoid the convoluted funnels and strategies for good.

Now, at this point, you might be thinking,

Okay, that’s all well and good…

But I don’t know WHAT to actually create in terms of a lead magnet?

How do I narrow down my training into a free ‘cheat sheet’ that my market wants!?

Don’t worry, I’ve got a formula for that too 😉

Stay tuned for the next blog post in the series, because I’m blowing the secret to irresistible lead magnets wide open!        

facebook ad mistakes: A photo of Grace Lever holding an iPad

It’s called The Cheap Tool I Use To Attract Dream Clients Using Facebook Ads .

And if you’re feeling the value of this already blowing your business wide open, you can take it one step further and join my Doers Inner Circle for SO much more… and because you’ve already shown you’re a Doer I want to let you inside on a $1 USD Trial! Click through here and you’ll get straight inside my exclusive community for a single buck 🙂

Or maybe you’re wondering…

Okay, I get all that, but how do I actually write a Facebook ad?!

It’s all well and good to set up the funnel, but what do I say to draw people in in the first place?

If you feel like that, I get it.

Copywriting doesn’t come all that naturally for me to, but I’ve learnt an awesome way to be able to write Facebook ad copy, even if you’re not a trained writer.

I’ll share about that with you with My Million Dollar Facebook Ad Template (Perfect Even If You’ve Never Written An Ad In Your Life)

Stay tuned for that, because I have a feeling that Facebook might just be that thing you’ve been looking for…

Until then,



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