The Secret Facebook Ad Strategy I Use to Attract Dream Clients

The Secret Facebook Ad Strategy I Use to Attract Dream Clients
The Doers Way


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Hey lovely,

Grace here…

In a previous blog, you read all about why most advertisers really should boycott Facebook advertising in 2020…

It’s become way too expensive!

However, you’ve already learned that if you have a ‘Give First Funnel’, it doesn’t matter how expensive Facebook ads are…

Or how much competition you have…

You can profit handsomely!

If you haven’t read that yet, you can read it here: 

The 3 BIG Mistakes Coaches And Consultants Make When It Comes To Facebook Ads, And How You Can Avoid Them Before You Even Start

Today I’m going to share with you a Facebook ad strategy that will help you when it comes to launching YOUR most successful Facebook ad yet…

And overtaking your competitors in the process.

Now, at this point, I’m sure you’re excited about using Facebook ads to get high paying clients

Especially without doing time-sucking lead generation strategies you might be used to.

You know, cold calling, posting in Facebook groups, going to network events, right?!

But, you must also be feeling a little intimidated by this whole thing.

How can you stand out in a space which has a lot of your competitors already advertising in?

facebook ad strategy: confused GIF

Maybe you’ve tried Facebook paid advertising before and it’s fallen flat…

(Despite ticking all the boxes, like figuring out Facebook Ads Manager, creating your ad and custom audience, getting the right targeting options… crafting a glossy rotation of ad sets… and figuring out how to drive traffic to the right landing page where there’s a single call to action – sooo many things to think about, right?)    

So you’re not sure if this new approach is just a waste of time.

Facebook is great in theory, but maybe in reality, this social media platform seems not all it’s cracked up to be.

(Heck, even just figuring out the right Facebook ad types can be a recipe for frustration.) 

Well, if this sounds familiar, the first thing I want to tell you today is…

You’re not alone.

And it’s totally not your fault.

There is SO much advice floating around out there when it comes to Facebook ads…

Pssst there’s a LOT more I have to share with you about my personal tips for attracting clients… and because you’ve taken the step to read this blog you’re ready to take the first one, right? So I’m going to let you in on it all for a single buck. Click through here and join My Doers Inner Circle on a $1 Trial and get access to my 7-figure strategies as well as the support of over 2000 like-minded female entrepreneurs.

It can be so hard to know which parts to take, and which parts to leave.

All the gurus out there want to tell you to dedicate the majority of your time to making Facebook work…

That it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg…

That convoluted marketing funnels and sneaky strategies to attract the right target audience are your best bet to Facebook success.


If you’ve struggled to sift through the Facebook jargon and make an actual return on your investment…

That’s because these guys don’t have your best interests in mind.

facebook ad strategy: question GIF


They exist to pump you with complicated advice just so you buy their overpriced programs.

The difference in my Facebook ad approach is that I’m not here to tell you how you can make conversions from your ads (though, I know that’ll happen anyway)…

Nope, I’m here to help you make CONVERSATIONS with your clients… instead of just targeting a bunch of Facebook users and hoping for the best. 

To help you see Facebook not as pit where your credit card goes to die…

But as a powerful platform which you can harness to start transforming the lives of your ideal clients…

And leading them into a space where they can work closely with you, and finish that transformation off.

That’s where the ‘Give First’ part of this approach shines.

Because if you know me well you know…

I LOVE to be giving to my market first.

Before offering them my key product or service, or booking them in for a consult, I want to be providing them with some form of value.

(See this blog post for all the details on my system)

This is the role of a lead magnet in my Facebook Ad Funnel, and ever since I discovered this way of thinking about my ads…

Well, it’s been a total game-changer.

Not just for me, but for the female entrepreneurs I’ve coached in this process too.

The truth of the matter is:

Facebook is becoming way too expensive to take any other approach.

It’s a cluttered space where everyone’s looking for video views, brand awareness and the greatest success from their Facebook ad campaign.

We simply can’t afford to waste our time and funds on ads that don’t convert…

Or else we may as well boycott this Facebook thing altogether. 🙁

I don’t mean to be all ‘impending doom’, but facts are facts:

Skipping the ‘give first’ step and going straight for the kill with really aggressive ads that go straight for the sale right up front…

Just doesn’t work.  

Crying GIF

Facebook Ads are just too expensive these days. 

So many advertisers make the mistake of skipping this step…

And I get it, Facebook is a misunderstood platform.

Even just managing a Facebook page can be a time-sucking task, let alone wrapping your head around all the bells and whistles of advertising. 

When I first started dipping my toes in the Facebook ad pool, I had the same misunderstandings.

You see, I’d come from a marketing agency that focussed on SEO and Google Ads, which were an entirely different ball game.

I’d run ads for my clients, and I’ll tell you what, their prospects were HOT.

In marketing terms, I mean…

They were actively searching for a solution to their problem, and all but typing in the name of the company to find it!

That’s just how it is with Google audiences…

They’re much more receptive to a direct offer approach.

If they’re looking for a yoga studio in Sydney, you can say, “Come to my yoga studio in Sydney!”

If they’re looking for help getting their kids to sleep, you can say, “Let me help you get your kids to sleep”.

If they’re looking for a relationship coach, you can say, “Need help with your relationship? Book in now”…

You can all but knock on the door of a hot prospect and ask them to hand their credit card over to you, and they’d say yes.

But on Facebook…

Well, not so much.

I realised very quickly that my Facebook markets were not looking for me.

They’re scrolling through Facebook watching funny cat videos and checking out pictures of their friends weddings…

They’re not asking you to help them with their misbehaving kid.

So rocking up on their doorstep, so to speak – well that wouldn’t do you anything but get you a restraining order!

When I started advertising my business through Facebook, I learnt really quickly I needed to take a different approach with this cooler audience…

A Give-First approach.

I needed to figure out a way to interrupt them as they were scrolling through their feed…

And help them see that I’ve got what they need, whether they know they need it or not!

The truth is, this did require a bit of a mind-shift for me…

As it has for heaps of women I’ve worked with launching their own Facebook ads too.

I know first hand that when it comes to marketing our products, we just want to share the solution we have to their problem!

We know our offer is superior to any training they’ve experienced before…

We know our framework could quite literally change their entire life…

And we just want to help them get out of the painful hole they’re trapped in.

So why can’t we just tell them that?

Jennifer Lopez why GIF

Why can’t we just put our course, or coaching program, or workshop in front of them and ask them to buy it then and there?

Well here’s the thing…

Regardless of how amazing, iconic and life-changing your offer might be…

There are a lot of factors at play holding them back.

There’s actually two reasons why people won’t buy from you, and without addressing them in one way or another, I realised I was essentially powerless.

The first reason is, they don’t trust YOU.

Interrupting their time of mindless scrolling by telling them I was here to change their life with my new $2,000 course…

Only sent their guard right up.

And how could I blame them?

They didn’t know me, or like me, so why was I expecting them to trust me with their money or their problems?

I realised that I needed to break through this barrier and provide them with a reason to trust me first, through my lead magnet.

The lead magnet was an opportunity to prove that I was an expert, so they could get to know me.

And if you’re thinking ‘This is great Grace, but I’m not sure how to do this myself’ I’d love to help you! You can join my own exclusive Doers Inner Circle for $1 USD and get access to myself, my team and all of our Doing strategies right now 🙂

It showed that I was generous, so they could like me…

And it gave light to real results I’d seen, so they could trust me.

A high priced program from someone I’ve never heard of that might not even work?

No thanks…

But a free training from an expert, that helps me achieve an easy win to one of the most plaguing problems I’m experiencing at the moment?!

Yes please!

So, regardless of how amazing I knew my offer was, I found that I needed to first help my prospects see that they could trust me by giving them that lead magnet first

And then take them through the rest of the funnel to sell my high-ticket item.

But I also needed to combat one other roadblock…

They weren’t buying from my upfront ads because they didn’t trust themselves.

They’d failed similar programs before…

So buying my product seemed pointless.

Your market are the same…

They think their pain point is just too big to fix, no matter how snazzy your offer sounds.

Sure, I knew that my opportunity would be different for them, and would change their current situation (and consequently, their life).

Even if they’d ‘failed’ before, I knew this time would be different…

But I also knew that if they didn’t trust themselves, I was powerless when it came to making them see that.

That’s why this “Give First approach” was so powerful right from the start…

It gave them one small, but powerful, win towards their end goal.

Your lead magnet is a step they can commit to for free, that when they achieve it, it’ll make them say…

“Oh, I can do this! Something’s different this time!”

See the power in that?

Oprah Winfrey crying GIF

See how your lead magnet can get your prospects to trust you AND themselves…

So by the time you offer them your main product or service, they’re ready and excited to say yes?

So when I moved from my SEO marketing to Facebook advertising…

Yeah – total mind switch required.

But was it worth it? You betcha!

It didn’t take long at all bouncing between the two platforms to realise that Facebook quickly outweighed Google (oh, and Pinterest, Ad Words, YouTube, sponsorships, trade shows, and basically all the other platforms for advertising out there!)

When it came to my SEO advertisements, I was capped.

There are only so many people typing in ‘parenting coach, California’, or ‘yoga teacher, Sydney’, 

into Google, right?

If I was lucky, I’d get 1000 people seeing my client’s ads…

But with Facebook – boy oh boy!

Sure the audience was cooler (aka. less warm to the idea of buying)…

But there is a HECK of a lot more of them!

Did you know there are 2.4 BILLION monthly active users on Facebook today?

Two.Four. Freaking. Billion.

That’s a quarter of the planet!

Where I was getting 1000 hits on my ads before, now I was getting 10x -15x that much reach consistently!

Game-changer, right?!

And the difference in price – far out.

In my SEO agency, my clients were spending $1,000 a month to have their ads appear in Google, with no guarantee of any kind of return…

But on Facebook, I started talking cents instead of dollars when it came to getting in front of my market!

I started with $5 a day on my ads, making $10 back each time.

So I spent $10 and made $40… $100 and made $400…

And after a few years in business, now I can fully justify spending hundreds of thousands on 

Facebook ads every single year, because I know I’ll get it back.

Even as ad prices have spiked, and I’ve watched as others in my space have dropped out of the game, running scared…

I’ve still been able to see consistently incredible results.


facebook ad strategy: clueless GIF

Because I’m not targeting my market for their cash, I’m targeting them for a conversation.

I’m providing them with incredible value, to kick off an incredible relationship I’m committing to offering them.

I’ve said goodbye to the convoluted, confronting and complicated marketing approaches the gurus on Facebook have told me to take…

And instead decided to pursue simplicity instead.

By harnessing the power of my Facebook Ad Funnel, building out winning landing pages even though I’m not at all techy, and most of all by giving to my market first

It’s been a no-brainer for me to stick around the Facebook scene.

I guess the other question that usually comes up at this point is…

What do I actually GIVE my prospects through my lead magnet?

And although I understood why I should give, determining what I should give took a little longer.

Through some trial and error though, I found that there really were only two rules:

1. It HAD to be valuable.

The lead magnet I was providing had to be something that could stand on it’s own and make people go…

“Wow, she gave me this for FREE?! Thanks!”

It had to be congruent with my final offer too, of course.

The right kind of people that wanted my lead magnet should have been the right kind of people for my end-offer too, right?!

So it had to be amazing value up front, but…

2. It also had to have a GAP.

It had to leave a void that only my offer or service could fill, and my prospects would see that when they arrived at my thank you page.

When I first started building up my lead magnets, I struggled to get my head around this concept…

My core offer was helping female entrepreneurs to get clients for their own coaching businesses, and so I was creating a lead magnet to draw people in.

Was it value-packed – absolutely.

Did it make them go, “wow!” – totally.

But did it leave a gap? Not at all.

You see, I was delivering on my promises to get those prospects clients in the lead magnet alone…

So when they arrived at my client-getting offer, they would have just thought…

“But I already know how to do that now?”

I’ve seen the same thing with parenting coaches…

Their lead magnet might be, “The 6 steps to raise a good kid” and their market LOVES it, because that’s a huge need they want solved…

But when they arrive at the thankyou page and see that the offer centres around ‘How to raise a good kid’ too…

They assume that problem is already solved for them.

Sure, you know your program gives away WAY more advice, and is way more value-packed to actually get them to that solution…

But to them, it’s not relevant anymore.

So, it’s important to use your lead magnet to get them started in their journey to a transformation.

Instead of taking them from A-Z, it’s about taking them from A-B, and offering C-Z on that thank you page, right!?

See the power of this yet?

Check out just a few examples of lead magnets my gorgeous clients have produced…

All by following this simple, but powerful approach!

Facebook can be hard to navigate what you are and aren’t supposed to do.

When it comes to launching ads, it can seem like the platform is reserved for experienced marketers only, right!?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A lot of the female entrepreneurs I’ve come across have already tapped out of the Facebook game and it breaks my heart.

Because the answer is so much more simple than they think.

Sure, there’s strategies and formulas that make actually getting your ads off the ground easier, and I can show you those soon…

But at the core of the whole thing, the approach is quite simple.

You’ve got something you want your market to have.

A solution to some of their deepest, darkest pain points.

And you know they’ll see it, because they’re guaranteed to be one of the 2.4 billion people on the platform (right now, probably)…

So, why not present it to them in a way that provides real, actionable value to them?

Instead of just shoving it in their face?

And why not take an approach that your competitors probably aren’t?

Your lead magnet is that secret sauce to turning struggling prospects into victorious clients, who have experienced real results all thanks to your program or service!

It’s a no brainer really, isn’t it?

Don’t take my word for it, check out what some of my members have experienced just from taking this give-first approach:

So awesome, right!?

At this point, I’m sure you’re getting excited at the thought of using Facebook ads to promote your business…

And can see how valuable taking the ‘give-first’ approach will be when you launch it.

But you might also be wondering…

How do I actually write a Facebook ad?

Well, if this sounds familiar, I’ve got your back!

And if you’re feeling the value of this already blowing your business wide open, you can take it one step further and join my Doers Inner Circle for SO much more… and because you’ve already shown you’re a Doer I want to let you inside on a $1 USD Trial! Click through here and you’ll get straight inside my exclusive community for a single buck 🙂

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post where I reveal the Facebook ad writing strategy that works every single time…

Even if you’re not an experienced writer, or haven’t ever written an ad before!

Stay tuned for that…

Till then…



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