Let Me Introduce Myself…

Grace Lever
The Doers Way


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Hey Lovely, 

Welcome to my blog! 

If you are anything like me and want to do impactful work that elevates and inspires, then you’ve just landed in the right place. And, if you are craving freedom and flexibility while doing it, then this blog is especially for you… Packed full of raw and real tips and insight to grow the type of hands-free, scalable business you are dreaming of.  

My name is Grace Lever and I’m on a mission to equip and empower female entrepreneurs to do just that. And it all started with just one online course that I filmed with a laptop propped up on a Thermomix box and an ironing board. That’s right, I didn’t start rich, connected or any more switched on than the average female entrepreneur. I just found the right path and took ‘Massive Imperfect Action’ to launch my first online course. That course was anything but polished and it went on to make $5 million. 

Today my team and I run The Doers Way, a global online community supporting female coaches, consultants and professional service brands to turn their pipe dream to reality using the latest digital tools, smart, automated marketing systems and of course, online courses! I have 20 of these built out today… And counting 😉 

But it wasn’t always like this. If you feel stuck working around the clock, showing up for a handful of clients and unable to take a moment to breathe let alone break out of the grind and start scaling, this was me not so long ago too. Through trial and error, a steep learning curb and plenty of sleepless nights and frustration, I broke out of that box and so can you. 

Equipping female entrepreneurs to grow a profitable lifestyle business with longevity and reach is my passion today, and I do it all from my favourite place in the world, the Adelaide Hills. 

So stay glued and keep reading. I hope you find the dose of inspiration and insight you need to keep going. Creating the scalable, hands-free business you dream of is closer than you think. 



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