The One Page Website That Got Me To My Freedom Metric (And How You Can Use It To Get Clients Free)

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Hey Lovely Lady,

Grace here,

And if you’re struggling to hit $20k/mth in your business, then today’s blog will be a game-changer for you.

Inside, I’m going to be uncovering the one page website (that is SUPER low-tech) I used to get 6,000+ clients…

And of course, how you can use it to flood new clients into your business for free as well.

So if you’ll remember back to yesterday’s blog, I revealed How To Sell $2k Programs Over The Phone (Even If Selling Scares The Heck Out Of You)…

Well, in this post I want to show you how to put that framework to use!

one page website: Grace Lever teaching her class of female entrepreneurs

We’re about to deep dive into the one page website I use to fill my calendar with lots (and LOTS) of potential clients wanting to sign up to my services…

And what you’ll love about this approach is that it’s actually simple!

So simple, in fact, it only requires you to set up ONE landing page.

But before we get there, I need to talk about a big mistake I was making when trying to get prospects to book sales consults into my calendar…

So if you’ll remember from my previous blog, I discovered that the fastest way to get to $20k per month as a new Coach/Consultant was to focus on selling high-ticket products…

On the phone.

At the time, my highest program was $5,000…

And I knew if I wanted to sell that program, I’d need to speak to someone over the phone or “human to human.”

So that meant I needed to start booking sales consults!

Originally, I took on the approach preached by heaps of other coaches and experts…

One that gets them hardly any appointments and holds them back for years!

To cut a long story short…

When I found a place to promote myself and my sales consult, I would say something like…

If you’d like a free consult where I take a look at your business, here’s a link to my calendar…”

And even though I was giving away my expertise for free – I got hardly any bookings!

Has that ever happened to you?

Do you offer free coaching/consulting sessions but get hardly any takers?

It’s frustrating, right?

It wasn’t until I met my mentor did I realise what I was doing wrong!

one page funnel: a white dog yawning wide

After I said no one was booking in my calendar here’s what she said (my paraphrase of course)…

“Well of course no one is, honey!

No one wants to go a “free consult session” or a “free discovery session.” That sounds totally boring, unsexy, and it also doesn’t really convey any benefits to attending the call with you. It’s feature focused.

And as you know, Grace…

Features may tell, but benefits sell.

She explained that by packaging up my sales consult into something that sounds just a little more sexy…

A little more enticing…

And a little more irresistable…

I’d have clients thinking, “I’ve GOT to talk to this woman!”

What a revelation, right?

Pssst there’s a LOT more I have to share with you… and because you’ve proven you’re ready to get doing by reading this blog, I want to let you into my exclusive community of Doers. Click through here and join My Doers Way Facebook Group and get access to me and my team as well as the support of like-minded female entrepreneurs.

one page website: business plan

So the first thing I did was to completely change the name of my sales consult into something much sexier.

Did it work?


I’ve since attracted over 6,000+ clients using this method!

And there’s no way I would have been able to do that, had I not packaged it to something that was benefit focused…

So if you’re wanting to fill your calendar with prospects who are eager to work with you, the first step is…

Name it right.

Don’t call it a “Strategy Session” (that’s feature focused)…

Don’t call it a “Discovery Session” (that’s feature focused)…

And don’t call it a “Goal Setting Session” (again, that’s feature focused)

If you’re a Dating Coach could you call it a “Double Your Dates” session? (as the plan would help them double their dates)…

Or if you’re a Conversion Specialist could you call it a “Double Your Conversions” session? (as the plan would help double conversions)…

Or if you’re a Parenting Coach could you call it a “Connect with Your Teens” session?

So give your call a sexy name…

That’s the first step.

illustration of 2 different point a to b routes

Next, I want to talk about the “1-page funnel.”

Now, I know how the “gurus” like to overcomplicate everything and say you need 34 upsells, 15 down sells, 355 emails in a convoluted follow up sequence that triggers when people click certain links…blah blah blah!

To sign high paying clients you simply need a way to get them on your calendar.

That’s it.

And the 1-page funnel will do that.

Here’s how it works…

You want to sign up for some type of landing page builder like Click Funnels.

These take care of all the “tech stuff” for you.

You’ll be able to put this 1-page funnel together in minutes (as opposed to months if you try to “frankenstein” a solution together on your website).

So once you’re all signed up, you want to model the below page…

Grace Lever's 1-page funnel

Notice how it’s very simple?

There’s a headline (this is where you talk about the #1 benefit of your sales consult call)…

Then there’s a very short video (this is where you introduce yourself and tell them about the free sales consult)…

And finally, there’s a button at the bottom that links to your calendar!

(The calendar tools I recommend are “Schedule Once” if you have a few dollars to spare, or “Calendly” which is a free option.

Both are great choices!)

The good news is – as mentioned above – if you use Click Funnels to build the page above, you can use one of their templates and it’ll literally take you a few minutes to create.

a finger pointing to right direction

Lastly, once that’s set up, you’ll want to send people to that page.

How do you do that, right?

Well, there are LOTS of ways:

You could send an email…

Or add a link to your blog, social media, email footer etc.

OR, you could do one of my favourite strategies:

Post about your call in some free Facebook Groups 🙂

Figure out which groups your clients are hanging out in, join and start some conversations…

And win them onto a consult call with you to sell your programs.

This puts the “human to human” conversation back into the picture…

Plus, it’s 100% free and will teach you HEAPS about your market.

An working desk setup with a Macbook, cannon camera, cup, magic mouse and pen.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to anyone telling you to spend big money on Facebook Ads if you haven’t reached $20k/mth yet.


I’m 100% certain that any female entrepreneur in ANY coaching niche can hit $20k/mth without paid advertising…

You just need the right person to show you how 🙂

Phew, we’ve reached the end of this blog!

Hopefully by now you can see that ‘tech’ doesn’t have to hold you back…

And you can get new, high-paying clients begging to work with you without a marketing funnel, without a website, and without expensive Facebook Ads.

Talk soon…



To meet more incredible women like these, and level-up your own circle of influence, don’t forget to jump inside my free Doers Way Facebook Group Community

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