Why I Hate The Word Hustle?

The Doers Way


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From The Desk Of Grace Lever
Aldgate, South Australia

Hey Lovely,

I hate the word hustle! I’m completely sick of the glorification of it and I’m breaking it apart.

And fact: I’ve made over $20 million without hustle and this is why I believe you can be more successful without it…  

In a digital world where virtually anyone can amass a following and start a business…

And bootstrap their way to a viable company…

I hear the words hustle and side-hustle bounced around a lot. 

And I have a gripe with those words!

Because viable doesn’t always equal success, and I truly believe that hustle on its own leads to burn out. 

I was there myself. 

When I first set out to start a business, so many people told me I’d be running on coffee and sacrificing sleep 🙁  

And I was convinced that wouldn’t be me; it just wasn’t the way I wanted to run. 

Sure, I knew I’d have to put in the hard yards…

But ultimately I wanted to work with ease and flow. 

And neither of those things have a place in exhaustion. 

I’d left my job in corporate events so I could escape working 50 hours a week.  

And sacrificing sleep; well that’s just not me! 

But the deeper I got, the more I found myself putting in 10, 12, then 16 hours days. 

And sure enough surviving on eight cups of coffee while trading time for money… 

Hand cranking every task and approaching burnout. 

It wasn’t until I started getting strategic…

Turning my Genius Zone into online courses to automate my business where I could…

So I could begin scaling my reach and step out of the doing. 

And that’s why I think that hustle and grind without a strategy only leads to one place…


Today I’ve built a hands-free, scalable income that runs while I rest. 

But I’ve seen so many women in the same place I was; reaching their limit and burning out fast. 

And that breaks my heart 🙁 

i hate the word hustle - a gif of a man nodding sadly

I think the epitome of it was when I was talking to an entrepreneur recently, who’d built a really successful business. 

He was all for the hustle and said roughly these words: 

“I mean, sure. I don’t have any friends. 

I don’t get to have time out of the business. 

I can’t remember the last time I took a holiday. 

I’m feeling pretty burned out. 

I’ve had two divorces and I never get to see my kids. 

But geez, I got a big, good business that I’m proud of.” 

And I was like…What?? 

Why are we teaching the mentality where we can only build a successful business at the cost of all else? 

i hate the word hustle - a gif of a lady tired of work

I 100% do not believe it’s worth getting to the end of the line literally burnt out.  

Or that you have to destroy your life to start enjoying it. 

And I 100% believe in a profitable businesses. 

I’m not working for a hobby. 

That’s why I’ve made over $20 million in the last couple of years and why I continue to focus on profit. 

But, I also truly believe in the duality of profit and lifestyle, and that these two things can co-exist. 

You see, too many people miss the lifestyle part. 

And if you fall in that camp, you need to stick that word up beside your computer as a constant reminder to start basing your decisions not just on profit… 

But on lifestyle too. 

Lifestyle is achievable by putting automation in place, outsourcing and/or delegating tasks, taking the time to rest and recover and scheduling laptop-free holidays or mini-breaks. 

I know I work more efficiently, get more done and make better decisions when I’m calm, collected and rested…

Not when I’m burnt out, stressed out or reaching for a quick solution because my brain literally can’t hold any more capacity. 

So, Lovely Lady. 

Can we just wipe this whole hustle mentality and enjoy the journey? 

As someone who’s walked through chronic fatigue, cancer, burnout and breakdowns, I can guarantee nothing is worth the toll of those things. 

So it’s time to put things back in their rightful order. 

It’s time to have balance in life. 

And it’s time to remember that I give you permission to rest, pause, take breaks and vacations and actually enjoy the ride. 



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