Your Circle of Influence Is Everything… And It Increased My Business x4

circle of influence
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Dear Lovely Lady,

My biggest breakthrough of 2018 was realising that running with the right crowd can massively level up your business, and that sticking to the wrong people can stagnate growth and make you second guess some of the most important decisions you will ever make. 

And before I go on, let me explain that your circle of influence isn’t always the people you spend time with outside of business, like your mom. 

It isn’t necessarily the friends you vacation with, although it can be. 

You can spend time with whomever you want to from all walks of life, and so you should! 

Rather, your circle of influence is the people who mentor and coach you, who you learn from and who you talk shop, collaborate, learn and attend events with. 

And these are the people who can really shape your business as you bounce and gauge ideas, and who (hopefully) support and encourage you and aren’t afraid of telling you their frank and honest feedback. 

I have five people in my circle of influence who are at my level of business or higher. We catch up once a month over dinner or a coffee and talk everything business. 

Since growing my circle of influence, my business has increased x 4. 

Crazy, right? And the reason is these people pull me up on my limits, expand my thinking and challenge me to step out of my comfort zone; that sweet spot where the magic happens. 

They talk and think differently, because they’ve crushed any limiting beliefs or scarcity in their mindset. 

So what I get from them is the purest form of support and unobjective feedback that’s attached to higher outcomes, to help me always look forward and take greater calculated risks in business.  

It’s said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I found this is so incredibly powerful when applied in business. 

So thought of the day: choose the people who you spend time with wisely 🙂 



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