How to hit $3,000 days in your coaching or consulting business

The Doers Way


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Hi Lovely, 

Grace here; and I head up an elite group of industry experts responsible for growing the Doers Way from scratch… 

To over 8-figures in just a few short but action-packed years. 

We’ve helped 986 female entrepreneurs in 101+ different industries build high-ticket programs that sell, using a system that we’ve refined down to a science…

Then took it a step further and helped a select group of women tweak that success into $3,000 days… 

And because most service-based businesses share basic similarities, and are built on the same common principles…

This system works across every industry and niche.

That’s why I’m so excited to give you a sneak peek today. 

Step #1 is setting up the Success Foundations 

You can take every right step to grow a scalable business…

But unless you start thinking like a 7-figure entrepreneur and set up the right Success Foundations…

Nothing you do will have lasting results. 

That’s because a lucrative business with scalable impact starts and ends at mindset. 

If I didn’t have a “Why” that was bigger than me… I’m confident that I wouldn’t be writing this today.

Having a reason to continue that was greater than money compelled me to push through the darkest hours when I didn’t yet have (or couldn’t afford) a coach or Experts in my corner. 

If I didn’t show up… I wasn’t just letting myself down… I was letting down the women that needed me the most. 

They say that the “riches are in the niches” and it’s true: today generic products and services that appeal to a mass market just don’t cut it. 

Unless you get super specific on who you are serving and what specific pain point your service will fix, you will get lost in the noise of your competitors. 

Honing in on your niche, understanding your ideal client and speaking to their problems and frustrations will make you stand out from the noise and the clutter.

Sidebar: If you want to take it one step further, and build a high-ticket program that sells…

We currently have our eyes peeled for a small group of women who want to scale to $3,000 days with a team of Experts who’ve done it before them… 

We explain everything inside this quick video.

#2 Compressing your Genius Zone into a high-ticket offer 

No one else can do what you do, like you do it – that’s because you have a unique Genius Zone that can help people untangle their deepest problems. 

Not putting it out there isn’t just a disservice to you… it’s a disservice to them. 

The key is compressing it into a scalable high-ticket offer that your dream client can unwrap, independent of your time. 

About five years ago, I was generating a pretty good income offline from running a done-for-you service specialising in all things marketing and automation. 

I was basically setting everything up for a small handful of clients… as they sat back and enjoyed the results. 

It was great for them, and I’d built it up to 6-figures really fast. 

The downside was…

I was working 10-14 hour days just to serve a handful of (very fussy) customers, who would call me the second anything broke. 

It wasn’t just exhausting… my time and income were capped and I was approaching burnout fast. 

The tipping point was compressing my Genius Zone into my first high-ticket offer… 

So that instead of serving clients 1:1… 

I could uncap my time and income by automating 95% of the service I provided… 

And only spend several hours a week jumping into my Facebook Group and coaching clients to apply it. 

The key to a successful high-ticket offer is front-loading it with irresistible value, like a book or a course at a super low price point…

To focus on building a relationship before asking for a sale.

#3 A Client-Getting Machine  

My favourite way to sell high ticket programs that’s completely automated and hands-free? 

A funnel.

This is a series of steps that attracts a dream customer, and turns them into a paying client.

If there’s a fast-route to scaling really quickly and sustainably, it’s mastering funnels. 

I’m obsessed with them because I’ve seen first hand what they can do for my business and lifestyle. 

I love being able to go home at 5:00pm after serving thousands of customers automatically…

Or creating exceptional client experiences day-in, day-out without lifting a finger. 

Yes you have to put in the work to set everything up…

But can you do it once to attract dream clients on repeat, and automate a steady and consistent stream of income. 

#4 Copy that speaks to your dream client 

You’ve spent hours writing an email, hit send and then…

Crickets… and tumbleweed. 

Chances are, your copy failed to hit the mark. 

You can tick every box when it comes to technology… but if the message doesn’t stick, everything else you do will crumble. 

This is where understanding your dream customer is the crucial first step… unless you speak directly to their fears and frustrations, your copy won’t gel. 

#5 Flooding your funnel with a Facebook Group 

Did you know that Facebook Groups is the most powerful way to grow a business online in 2020? 

In the past 18 months, Facebook has invested millions of dollars into developing Groups…

Then, because they show up in the News Feed more, they get even more engagement… and so the upward spiral continues. 

You’ve seen it yourself right? You see content from Facebook Groups more in your News Feed than content from Pages you like right?

Long story short, Facebook LOVES Groups… 

So, if you want to get more exposure and more eyeballs on your high-ticket offer…

This is where you can flood your business with new, dream-clients using little more than a simple conversation. 

#6 Paid Traffic 

To scale quickly, you have to be prepared to invest… and Facebook is a deep rich pond to do that really quickly. 

I started growing my 8-figure coaching business by spending just $10 a day on Facebook ads…

And doing it well comes down to understanding your dream client, speaking to their fears and frustrations and painting the transformation that you can achieve for them.

We use a really simple Facebook ad formula that helps us write engaging ads, customised to our dream clients really quickly. 

#7 Pushing your traffic to consults 

The last piece in smashing out $3,000 days is having an actual human conversation with your dream client. 

When I first started out as an entrepreneur, this was the hardest part. 

I would provide so much upfront value which clearly resonated as my market would soak it up..

And was filling my calendar with hot dream prospects. 

But when it came time to jumping on that call and actually closing a sale…

That’s when I’d freeze and everything would crumble. 

Instead of painting a transformation I could achieve for these people…

It felt like a slimy sales pitch where I was asking them for a favour! 

After turning to a coach and mentor, she pointed out the problem was my sales script. 

Didn’t inspire, didn’t resonate, failed to convert. 

Taking everything I learnt, I’ve created a really simple copy/paste formula that we’ve since used to close 8-figures in sales… and that hundreds of clients have successfully applied too. 

If you want to take it one step further, and build a high-ticket program that sells…

We currently have our eyes peeled for a small group of women who want to scale to $3,000 days with a team of Experts who’ve done it before them… 

And who’ve helped 986 female entrepreneurs in 101+ different industries launch high-ticket programs to flood their business with dream clients. 

If this resonates, then this is your invitation to join me and achieve this from the comfort of home. 

We’ll show you how to scale to $3,000 days in just 90 days…

By making a few simple tweaks and implementing a strong foundation to tip you into rapid growth… 

And attract hundreds of dream clients at the push of a button. 

So Lovely, if you want to be, create and experience more, and will not settle where you’re at…

Watch this quick video where we explain everything. 



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