How To Start A Business Even If You Don’t Have Money

How To Start A Business Even If You Don’t Have Money
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Hi Lovely

Starting a business with no money is a topic I can really talk about…like really, hand-on-heart paint a picture, because that’s where I started…

Well, not exactly. Let me clarify that. 

If you’re reading this off an iPhone or computer, you’ve got money. 

And so did I.

But it doesn’t feel like you have available money…

Money just sitting around to put in a business. 

A common misconception is that to grow a business to 7 or 8-figures million like we’ve done…

You have to start from somewhere big. 

That’s what most people assume. 

I was $100,000 in debt that I’d spent on my business, spread across six credit cards.

Yep! Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone. 

And I was very lucky. I had so many blessings to count and so much privilege. I would never be without a roof over my head or three square meals a day. 

But put it this way: my life wasn’t exactly a well-curated Instagram grid. 

I was packing my husband’s lunch box and finding online recipes that had the cheapest types of meats that I could put in dinner… 

And if I bought the $3 steak instead of the $12 one, there was some sort of slow cooking method I could do to make it edible. 

I’d lived in 12 rentals at that point, and the last two were demolished after I moved out. They were horrendous.  

And we were sleeping in jackets and beanies under a stack of blankets and doonas in winter because our place wasn’t insulated and we couldn’t afford heating. 

I will never forget that stage of life and I was lucky that it was just that – a stage. 

And I know that surviving startup takes grit, resilience and a lot of sacrifice.

But for most of us there is money, and there has never been a better time to start a business. 

So you don’t need $5,000 in the bank to start a business. I don’t even believe you need $1,000I was six credit cards in debt. 

You just have to be willing to invest money in the right areas. 

how to start a business with no money - a gif of a man saying that's a good point

I realised that was putting $10 into Facebook, watching it make $10 back and generating a client who was going to pay me in the future. 

And that’s how I was able to scale, little-by-little with $10 a day, purely because I didn’t have more. 

Investing $10 a day into Facebook Ads meant that I didn’t go out for lunches that week. 

Instead of date night we ate in, because I had to have that $70 a week to spend on Facebook.

So you don’t need a bag of money to start a business, but it does take sacrifice to make it work. 

In fact, I don’t know any successful entrepreneur who didn’t have to sacrifice to get to where they are. 

It’s kinda freeing right?

Knowing you can start at any given moment and that you don’t have to come from a place of money to create the dream you always wanted?

Do you have a personal story on starting a business with no money?

Share with me in the comments!



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