How To Get More Done In A Day Even If You’re Not Beyoncé

How To Get More Done In A Day Even If You’re Not Beyoncé
The Doers Way


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Hi Lovely

By the end of this article, you’ll walk away with actionable tips on how to get more done in a day even if you’re no Beyonce — that’s a promise!

We have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce, right? Wrong!

Beyonce doesn’t have the same bunch of tasks on her plate that you do. 

As much as she might achieve in a day; run the world and do it looking like a glamazon…

Running a business can sometimes feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders.

(And it can feel like a lonely place under all that weight too.) 

Instead there’s a much smarter way to fit the most into each day. Where you strategically pack more in without being crushed under all the doing. 

It starts with a truth bomb, so stick with me 🙂 It might just cast a new light on the way you plan and organise each day from this moment on. 

If you don’t financially know what your time is worth, you cannot respect it. 

And you will get stuck in a vortex of tasks that you shouldn’t be doing, at the cost of your goals. 

It might sound harsh, but I really don’t want to waste a second!

3 Tips to Get More Done in a Day

So Lovely, these are my top tips for respecting your time, and fitting the most into each day. 

  1. Figure out your financial goal. For many female entrepreneurs that number starts at $5,000 per week.
  2. Divide that by the number of hours you want to spend working – i.e. 24 per week. You’ve just calculated your hourly rate. (If you are anything like me and want to free up your time, you will want to aim for a lot less down the track. However 24 hours is a great starting point as you begin to automate and transition to a hands-free, scalable business.) 
  3. Pull up that rate before you do any task. Because if you can pay someone less, then you’ve just freed yourself up to tasks that are worth thousands of dollars. 

To put it into context, the CEO of McDonalds isn’t flipping burgers – not that there’s anything wrong with that, but his high-value tasks are worth thousands of dollars an hour. 

I started outsourcing tasks on Fiverr and Freelancer early on, and my matra today is ‘I will only do what I can only do’. 

You can start by listing out what low-value tasks you can take off your plate. 

And just like you can’t automate a business overnight, outsourcing tasks will take time too. Take small steps and a dose of patience 🙂 

Another tip to manage your time is to divide each day into high and low-value tasks. 

High value tasks are those which will make you money, like writing a nurture sequence to place into a funnel. If one email sequence can yield $30,000, it’s 100% worth your time right? 

High-value tasks take time and energy and it’s better to do them at the start of each day with a fresh mind and a clean slate. 

Low value tasks (the tasks you should ideally be outsourcing) are the things on your list that need to be done, but won’t directly make you money. These are things like scheduling, responding to emails and administrative tasks and they typically take less concentration and focus. 

So next time you pick up a task, ask yourself if it’s worth your hourly rate, and if it’s a low-value or high-value task. 

It mentality switches up everything.



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