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If you’re reading this article, it probably means you’ve realised how seriously critical good digital video marketing is for creating a profitable lifestyle business.

Now all that’s left is to… actually film a video.

I know, I know...

Getting in front of the camera is not easy feat.

In fact, it’s kind of terrifying for some…

As soon as that little red light starts flashing, we freeze.

Others have bucket-loads of confidence when it comes to looking down the lens.

Too much confidence…

There can be a big difference between what we think we look like on camera…

And what we actually look like on camera.

I assure you—creating authentic, engaging videos isn’t rocket science.

And it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Along with someone who loves and knows you behind the camera to monitor your crazy hands/bobble head/talk show host voice, there are a couple of items you’ll need…

All of which you can get on either a shoestring, or a serious budget.





Editing software



Ok, so this one’s pretty obvious.

However, there seems to be a rumour going around that unless you’re filming in a studio, or in front of a Hollywood-grade camera set-up, your videos will look average.

2 words… not true!

Sure, there’s no denying the better quality your camera, the better quality the outcome.

But in today’s technology age, there are so many shoestring options that’ll give you a perfectly professional finished product.

Shoestring: Smartphone – FREE

Pretty much all of us have one of these lying around.

The good news?

The camera on your iPhone/Android device (which is probably sitting just a few feet away from you as we speak) will work just fine for video marketing on a tight budget!

So please, whatever you do: don’t let your budget stop you from getting stuck into getting your first videos live!

Serious: GoPro OR a stock-standard DSLR – between $200 – $500

Many of us also have some kind of DSLR camera lying around (big, black, techy-looking).

If you’ve got one available to you, I’d highly encourage you to use it.

I use a Canon Mark II 5D, which you can figure out how to use with a simple YouTube tutorial.

If the budget allows, GoPros are the best for roaming and retargeting videos.

digital video

That said…

The most underrated accessory goes to… the selfie stick!

Don’t judge.

Although I’ll admit, I 100% judge people using these things out and about.

Despite feeling like a bit of an idiot using one, selfie sticks are an awesome way to replicate the look and feel a GoPro provides for Facebook roaming and re-targeting videos.


The thing about audio is that it can go both ways.

Really good, or reeeeeeeealllyyyyy bad.

First thing’s first—the audio straight out of your camera/smart phone won’t cut it.

Nothing cheapens a good video faster than dodgy audio.

Considering your camera will be over a metre away from you while you’re recording, the mic needs to be positioned as close to your mouth as possible.

To avoid coming across home-made, always record your audio separately.

There’s a couple of ways you can do this, both of which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Shoestring: Apple headphones – FREE (if you already have them)

These are the white headphones that come with all of your Apple products (iPhone, iPod, Mac etc.)

For a surprisingly great (and cheap) audio option, you’ll need to go DIY.

Take a pair of scissors and chop off the right-hand earpiece JUST ABOVE the microphone (the thin rectangular shape about halfway down the cord).

Just for fun, chop off the left-hand earpiece too.

Then attach the microphone to a bobby pin or paper clip, and sit it near the collar of your top. Done.

digital video

Serious: Lapel mic – between $12 and $60

I’ve used my RØDE lapel mic for years, and it’s never let me down!

So easy to use, plug the mic into your smartphone’s headphone jack, and use your phone’s free audio app, Voice Memos or Audio Recorder to remotely record your audio.

P.S. It’s exactly the same method using the DIY Apple headphone lapel mic!

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Most people think the existing lighting in their home is enough when filming their videos…

Sufficient lighting is key in creating professional looking videos at home.

A face that’s not well-lit will always look slightly fuzzy—I used to think my camera wasn’t in focus!

Regardless of your budget, a ring light will go a long way (try Amazon or eBay).

A ring light is a light that fits around a camera’s lens or is large enough to shoot through it. It helps to provide even lighting on your face.

This will make the world of difference, trust me!

The one I use was $80 but there are cheaper options.


I never do a video without a teleprompter these days.

A teleprompter helps you to read a script while keeping direct eye contact with the audience. 

The script scrolls in front of you and because you don’t need to look down at any notes, it looks like you’ve memorised everything or that you’re speaking spontaneously.

You only have 60-90 seconds to make an impact, so it’s crucial you don’t accidentally leave something out.

Not to mention, you might be surprised how much you freeze up once that red light starts flashing!

The main things to remember when setting up your teleprompter are:

Positioning – to avoid those ‘sneaky’ eyes (darting side to side), always position your teleprompter (whether on a laptop or tablet) behind and just above your camera.

Speed – your perfect speed will depend on what you’re comfortable with. Practise with a couple of different speeds to find one that feels natural (not too fast, and not too slow either).

Again, the cheapest option will do the job!

Easy Prompter is a FREE website that turns your laptop or tablet into a teleprompter.

digital video

Editing software

So you’ve filmed your video… now what?

Getting your video filmed is only half the job, now it’s time to edit the audio and visuals together, and get it out there to the masses!

Feeling like a bit of a broken record here, but it’s the FREE editing programs that come with your computer that I recommend for beginner video marketers.

Both Macs and PCs have a suitable program (iMovie and Windows Movie Maker).


Well now you know that making high-quality marketing videos doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.

So let’s do a recap…

All you need to get going are your smartphone (camera), a mic, a ring light and your laptop (teleprompter and editing)…

If you decide to invest a little more, get yourself a proper camera and a better mic.

And that’s it!

No excuses… there’s absolutely no reason to let your budget hold you back from getting started…

It’s all about taking massive imperfect action!

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Xx Grace

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