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Who Are We?

The Doer's Way exists to arm female entrepreneurs with the tools to share their Genius Zone with the world.

Here at The Doer’s Way, we help female entrepreneurs to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing to build their profitable, lifestyle business. We arm our community with the tools they need to take Massive Imperfect Action, and share their Genius Zone with the world. We do this through world-class online courses, coaching programs, intensive live retreats, and our close-knit membership community.

Since 2015, we’ve helped over 60,000 coaches and consultants in 72 countries to create an impact with their Genius Zone, and have recently launched Outsourced Doers – another fast growing start-up with international reach.

What we stand by:

The Doer's Way is built around four core values. They are the
foundations of our culture.

Excellence is our Normal

We work really hard, because women everywhere are counting on us. We don’t do mediocre, and we see problems as opportunities to do better. We go the extra mile, practice what we preach, and get the job done.

We are Courageous

We know women’s lives are changed because we came to work (and we think that’s epic). We exist to create a brighter future for women globally, we go where no one has been, and we always ask “what if?”. We believe in a higher calling that is bigger than ourselves, and it drives us to work smarter and harder.

We bring Light and Hope

We serve 10x more than we sell. We love making other people’s day just a little bit brighter, and we believe in the little things like smiles, hugs, and laughter! We also give 10% of our company’s profits away to people who need it.

We are stronger as a Team

We are humble, life-long learners who step up, pitch in, and help out daily. We are accountable and we take ownership of what we’re entrusted with. We say sorry when we screw up, and we believe everything is work-out-able if we’re working it out together.


When you step inside the Doer’s Way, you can expect to work with intelligent, hard-working and vibrant people who always lift each other up. Then there’s our global community who are super passionate, invested and 100% behind the brand you will be representing. We have a loyal following of 200,000 Doers combined across our digital platforms who are all in different stages of business, and who you will get to know and love.

You will also get:

  • You’ll be part of an intelligent, hard-working and vibrant team who lift each other up daily
  • You’ll be contributing to a global community of passionate and invested women who are 100% behind the brand you’ll be representing
  • You’ll be able to put your Genius Zone to work to create real, meaningful change
  • You’ll have opportunities to grow and develop your career on a rapid scale, without becoming ‘just another employee’ in a large corporation.
  • You’ll get to know the names and faces of women in our community through live events around Australia, and the USA.
  • You’ll have the chance to increase your earning capacity with an ad hoc commission structure (should you be in a sales position)…
  • You’ll get rewarded and recognised for being YOU with daily encouragement, monthly Core Value Awards, and team celebrations multiple times a year.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to work remotely, from home, or from our vibrant (and GORGEOUS) office.
  • You’ll have a potential opportunity to travel to the USA (if you’re into that kinda thing)…
  • You’ll learn from the best in the industry including Grace herself…
  • You’ll take part in Friday Afternoon Wine Time, enjoy regular cuddles with Grace’s pup Delilah, become a master of sharing GIF’s, and join a close-knit team of awesome people.

Current Opportunities

Adelaide Hills & Barossa

Sales > Sales Representatives/Consultants

  • Manage a book of clients with ongoing new warm leads
  • Base salary with a great tiered commission structure
  • Based in the beautiful Adelaide Hills

An exciting sales role managing a book of clients in a growing industry helping female entrepreneurs globally. Earn an OTE of $90-130K.

Adelaide Hills & Barossa

Sales -> Account & Relationship Management

  • Stunning Adelaide Foothills location only 15 minutes from CBD
  • Ad hoc commission, young supportive team, growth opportunities, flexible work
  • Support our entrepreneurs with their assigned Outsourced Doers (VAs)

This job is for you if you can build meaningful connections & help to nurture the relationship between ‘Founder’ (aka the boss) and ‘doer’ (aka VA).

Adelaide Hills & Barossa

Marketing & Communications -> Digital & Search Marketing

  • Create blogs and posts for Digital Marketing & Social Networking platforms
  • Be creative & write in the company's female voice to deliver call to action
  • Full time opportunity based in Stirling, 15 mins from the Adelaide CBD

Digital Marketing Copywriter and Content Creator to Produce Copy for Customer Onboarding, Social Media, Marketing Campaigns, Podcast, and More!

Sydney CBD, Inner West & Eastern Suburbs

Marketing & Communications -> Digital & Search Marketing

  • Fast growing small business with global reach based in Aldgate SA, flexible work
  • Develop & implement the social media strategy, alongside our Head of Marketing
  • Newly created position to help lead the team and support rapid growth

Combine the powers of strategy and creativity to take our social media presence to the next level.


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What Our Employees Are Saying

The opportunities to learn and grow are endless. We move fast… but the reward is constantly evolving and expanding my skill set. The Doer’s Way doesn’t just encourage me to work strategically and think outside the box… it lets me embrace my creativity and establish a solid foundation in product and marketing.


Bridget Armitage

Marketing Coordinator

Working at The Doer’s Way is hugely rewarding! They thrive on providing their community with an enriching and valuable experience, and I feel a sense of pride being a part of the team. Whether it’s helping create our extensive online training courses, running our live (virtual) events or hosting the engaging coaching calls with our line up of amazing experts.. no two days are the same. Knowing it’s helping our community to achieve success in their own businesses is hugely satisfying.


Natalie Smithson

Events Manager

We help female entrepreneurs achieve their dreams in a much better, faster, more organised manner, and that really motivates me to come to work every day because I know that if we go to work, we are fulfilling our female entrepreneurs dreams, and that’s something that
really excites me.

Yusuf Bhanpurawala

Data and Reporting

It’s so richly rewarding to be a part of a company that values not only helping its clients grow but also its staff. The fast pace environment has allowed everyone to not only grow in their own skillset but also expand into many others! It allows me to really own my creativity and not be afraid to try something new. The ability to work collaboratively allows us to learn so much from each other and create a stronger, more unified team.

Belle Annells

Graphic Designer

The Doer’s Way is dynamic, fast-paced and innovative. We are always looking for that new thing that will truly speak to our market, and provide them with the tools and strategy they need to grow a successful business in this ever-changing climate. I love being able to play a part in crafting the unique look and feel of The Doer’s Way through marrying videography with creativity. The team I get to work with are not only a bunch of fun… they are excellent at what they do and I’ve learnt a whole heap from being around them every day.


Adam Williams

Head of Videography

What I love most about working for Outsourced Doers, is seeing a founder succeed with their Doer. Seeing them successfully outsourcing part of their role and being able to focus on the most important parts of their business and the parts they should be focusing on as a founder, that’s really rewarding to watch from our perspective.

Tanaya Gray

Head of Founder Success

To say that I’m a part of a movement that truly wants to help empower as many female entrepreneurs as possible is already an amazing feeling – combining that with being empowered as a member of the team to be able to contribute new ideas, work cross functionally and be celebrated for being your authentic self is a dream come true.
We have a team that’s innovative, fast moving and powerfully creative; to be a part of that is truly something special.

Sarah Thomas

Head of Client Support

It’s inspiring to be a part of a team that thrives in such a fast-paced environment. We’re encouraged to think of new innovative ways to help our founders achieve their business goals. There is so much growth personally and professionally, the team are supportive both locally and offshore and we work hard and celebrate our wins. We truly do make a difference in people’s lives everyday and that is what makes me so motivated to work at The Doer’s Way.

Mahala Constantis

Head of Client Services

Working for The Doer’s Way is like nothing else! Getting to wake up everyday, surrounded by a group of the most amazing people and work as a team to support and empower women in business is the job of my dreams. I love working from home sometimes and travelling a couple of times a year for events. This role has helped me to develop an array of marketing skills and never fails to keep me on my toes.

Briony Askew

Client Engagement Manager

It is so great being part of a company where passion, ambition and collaboration are table stakes. During my time at the Doer’s Way I have been able to grow and develop my own skills and those of my team in a super supportive environment, where everyone has an opportunity to make a real impact to the business.

Ruby Fagan-Schmidt

Head of Product

Coming to work every day with a whip smart bunch of people who love doing what they do, makes The Doer’s Way a no brainer for any creative. Being able to see how our work has a lasting impact on the success of female business owners is the icing on the cake.

Kyahm Ross


I love working in a place that allows me to combine my passion for education with empowering women in business. It’s a privilege to work with such a talented and motivated team who challenge and inspire each other to achieve excellence across the board.

Lisa-Marie Long

Learning and Development Manager

Working in a team that not only challenges, but champions its people is necessary for the success of any business. The Doer’s Way allows me to combine my love of working in high growth organisations with my passion for developing A plus talent.

Luke Hawson

Director of Sales