The Doer’s Guide to Course Creation

This E-book by Grace Lever reveals how to turn your coaching expertise into a profitable online course in the next 30-days… so you can serve more clients, enjoy more freedom, and scale your revenue.

Inside, Grace unveils her own journey building an 8-figure business with over 60,000 customers, through harnessing the power of online courses. From her greatest discoveries, to her worst mistakes, Grace will show you how to create a high-quality and professional course in less than 30-days, even if you’ve got no list, no experience, or no idea about tech.


The Doer's Guide to Automation

Reclaim your business AND your lifestyle with The Doers Guide to Automation.

This beginners guide to automation was written with non-techy Ladies in mind. This guarantees it is easy to read and even easier to implement in your coaching business today! Inside, you’ll discover the 10 tasks on your to-do list that you had no idea you could automate… the budget-friendly tools you can set up in minutes… the 24/7 client machine to make money while you sleep… how to reclaim 8+ a week back, and more. We know that creating a profitable and balanced business doesn’t have to be complex, and this book will show you how.


The Doer's Guide to Coaching & Consulting

Ditch your 9-5 and create a business doing what you love with The Doers Guide to Coaching & Consulting.

Inside, Grace Lever demystifies the process of starting and scaling an online coaching business. From creating the right type of offers, to attracting dream clients on demand, to setting up your first marketing funnel, to positioning yourself as an industry expert and more… Grace will show you the fastest path to get more time, more freedom, and more clients.


The Doer’s Inner Circle

The Doers Inner Circle is our tight-knit community of female entrepreneurs with coaching, consulting, and professional services-based businesses.

Inside, you’ll meet over 3,000 women from around the world, all on a mission to impact lives using their products and services. They’ve jumped inside the Doers Inner Circle to access our world-class resources, support, and accountability that will guarantee success. As a member inside, you’ll have up-close access to me and my team, every week, so you can get the advice and feedback you need to move your business forward.

  • The Course Creation Retreat

Build, launch, fill and profit stunning online course at the Virtual Course Creation Retreat.

  • The Freedom Retreat

Start 1000’s of conversations with dream clients, and fast-track your business to $20k/mth with NO funnel, no expensive advertising, and no complicated tech!

  • The Membership Retreat

Build and fill your own profitable membership community, so you can harness the power of recurring revenue in your coaching business.


Virtual Diamond Doers

The Virtual Diamond Doers Mastermind is premium business coaching for established businesses wanting to scale.

If you’re a high-achiever looking for a high-touch service to help you hit $100k months, then this is the program for you. As a Virtual Diamond Doer, not only will you have access to ONE business mentor, but a team of multiple industry experts, all committed to helping you achieve more in less time. To find out more about this program and apply to become a Virtual Diamond Doer, click below to chat to our team now.

Online Courses

The Course Creation Project

If you’re ready to turn your unique Genius Zone into an online course in a matter of WEEKS, instead of months or even years, then The Course Creation Project is for you!

In this 6-module online course, you’ll discover the controversial, but game-changing formula Grace has used to turn her coaching expertise into 21 courses. Courses that have hosted more than 31,000 students, and generated over $20 million in sales.

She’ll walk you behind the scenes on her “reverse” selling formula that will get your first program selling out WITHOUT creating one piece of content! Plus you’ll get full access to her super simple, yet little known online tools that make tech overwhelm non-existent.

To join Grace inside The Course Creation Project, click below now.

Online Courses

The Facebook Group Project

Do you want to build a community of loyal, raving fans online that you can sell your coaching services to, then this program is for you.

 Inside The Facebook Group Project, we’ll show you how to create, grow, and monetize your own Facebook Group in this new digital age. Afterall, gone are the days of complex marketing strategies. With the simple tools you’ll discover inside this course, you’ll be able to start hundreds of conversations with dream clients every week… in an ultra-authentic way! It works if you’re not techy, have no following, and even if you’re brand new to business and marketing. Click below to find out more.

Online Courses

The Virtual Events Project

The Virtual Events Project will show you how to plan, fill, and profit from a Virtual Coaching Event… even if you’ve never presented on stage in your life!

 It doesn’t require a huge following, it doesn’t involve any overwhelming tech, or big production budget. In fact, this is probably the most beginner friendly way to host a professional, memorable, and profitable virtual event today. From your virtual event strategy, to your event planning toolkit, to your perfect production, and attendee engagement… all the way to flooding your event with hundreds of dream-clients… We’ll take the guesswork out of virtual events for good.

Online Courses

The Kickstart Project

If you’ve got a business idea you want to turn into a reality (or a current business you’re ready to relaunch the right way), there is a formula.

In the Kickstart Project, you’ll learn the step-by-step strategies to avoid the overwhelm and fear that holds many female entrepreneurs back from creating the business they set out to create…FAST.

You’ll learn how we keep things very simple and learn the next step you need to take to build momentum and get runs on the board as a female entrepreneur. From defining your ‘why’ to accessing our Doers Toolkit to understanding your ideal customers intimately, you’ll walk step-by-step through the simple roadmap to getting your idea off
the ground

To join Grace inside The Kickstart Project, click below now.

Online Courses

The Facebook Project

As a newbie entrepreneur, Grace successfully harnessed the power of Facebook Ads to grow from nothing to 6-figures in 6 weeks and then to 7 figures in less than 12 months.

Now Grace breaks down the common Facebook myths and mistakes so many others make. You’ll learn her simple template and formula for creating successful Facebook Ads fast so you can harness this power too.

Discover how to get in front of your audience for the right price, craft your irresistible offer, write high-converting Facebook Ads and learn how to turn a Facebook prospect into a customer in just a matter of weeks.

To join Grace inside The Facebook Project, click below now.

Online Courses

The Consult Project

Want the quickest way to grow your business? Sell high-priced programs and services.

As an experienced coach, consultant and professional services provider, Grace is only too aware of how much easier it is to sell 2 x $5,000 programs than 270 x $37 mini-courses if you want to make $10,000!

In the Consult Project, Grace shows you how she creates her killer consult strategies, fills your calendar with high-quality prospects and close new customers with authenticity and integrity. Automate your processes and avoid the time-wasters with this incredible training using Grace’s strategies tested in her own business with over 2,000 consults that have generated millions of dollars of income.

To join Grace inside the Consult Project, click below now.

Online Courses

The Retreat Project

Are you ready to move away from delivering hands-off coaching online and step out from behind the confines of your computer? Want to see real progress in getting your coaching business off the ground? The secret lies with the relationships you build with your clients, and HOW you build those relationships.

There is a way to make a far deeper impact with your message… and develop stronger relationships with clients in just a few days. In the Retreat Project you’ll learn how to plan, launch, and fill your first high-tier retreat. And the best part is; you can do it even if you’ve never hosted an event in your life.

The Retreat Project is an online, step-by-step training program with six incredible modules. Grace will take you through the exact steps and system she used to generate $1,000,000 in the past 12 months from VIP retreats alone. From planning event themes, to filling your events with your DREAM clients. You can hit the ground running, and speed towards launching your very own successful VIP retreat!

To get all these goodies, join Grace inside The Retreat Project. Click below now.

Online Courses

The Inner Circle Project

The most important piece of advice Grace ever received from her mentor was “If you don’t have recurring income, you don’t have a business”…

If you’re struggling to grow your business… it’s probably because businesses WITH recurring income are valued 4x higher than businesses that are without. The good news is; predictable monthly income isn’t difficult to achieve.

Would you like to know, with certainty, how to create and sell your own Inner Circle (Monthly Membership Program) fast… and achieve the growth you want in your coaching and consulting business?

In the Inner Circle Project, both Grace and her team of experts, will walk you through how to build, launch, and fill your own Inner Circle. From a step-by-step guide on taking the plunge with massive imperfect action to learning the reasons why your customers LOVE subscription services… You’ll FINALLY understand the key to breaking out of that month-to-month structure AND you will have the tools to make a recurring membership work for you.

To join Grace inside The Inner Circle Project, click
below now.

Online Courses

The Mindset Project

If you’re struggling to break through mindset roadblocks and your sales are suffering… there is a solution. Hit the ground running and clear those barriers so your business can thrive!

In the Mindset Project, you’ll master the systems and strategies Grace used to build an 8-figure coaching empire FROM SCRATCH. Learn the cold, hard truth about fear, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.
In this 6 week online training program, Grace and (her own personal mindset mentor) Patsy will walk you through why you’ve been struggling to see the results you want in your business. From shutting-down subconscious negative thought to unraveling your hidden belief system, you will find what’s really holding you back. You’ll FINALLY understand what’s stopping you from reaching your goals and achieving record-breaking numbers.

To join Grace inside The Mindset Project, click below now.

Online Courses

The Automation Project

If you are wishing you had more time to spend with your partner and kids, or more time travelling the world then darl, the Automation Project is for you!

The exact tools and strategies that are taught in this course are the ones that helped Grace grow an 8-figure coaching and consulting empire serving 52,000 women in 72 countries around the world… all while working 2 days a week! Wouldn’t that be nice?!

You don’t have to be tech savvy or have a huge budget either… In fact, Grace goes through her top tools for each financial situation and walks you through each step so you get these systems up and running no matter how much of a technophobe you are!

To join Grace inside the Automation Project and to get the lifestyle back in your lifestyle business, click here to join!

Online Courses

The Workshop Project

If you’d like to launch or grow your business using the power of Live Workshops, then this course is for you!

In this 6 Module online course, you’ll discover the exact strategies Grace used to generate over $1 million from almost 100 events with over 6,000 sold-out tickets.

She walks you behind-the-scenes on the formula she’s developed to fill a room with your ideal clients without big budgets. You’ll access her exact presentations, scripts, ads, emails and more to help you get in front of your ideal clients and host your own 5-figure workshops.

To join Grace inside the Workshop Project, click below now.

Online Courses

The Genius Project

If you’re ready to harness your genius zone and become a 7-figure coach, consultant or professional services business, then the Genius Project will show you how!

In this 6 Week intensive online training program, Grace shares her most powerful learnings including the 3 critical stages in the Evolution of a 7-figure Coach or Consultant, her 24/7 sales machine and how to sell without “selling”.

She shows you how to turn your genius zone in to a course or program FAST and then equips you with her exact presentations, ads, emails, and scripts to help you flood your funnel and become a go-to thought-leader in your industry.

To join Grace inside The Genius Project, click below now

Online Courses

The Identity Project

If you’d like to grow a profitable lifestyle business without having to master a thousand complex marketing strategies… then The Identity Project is for YOU.

In the Identity Project, we go back to basics, look at the key criteria that every coach and consultant needs to thrive, then implement it step-by-step – from your business model, to your funnel flow, email marketing, Facebook ads, coaching calls and more. We’ll look at what’s required, in what order, the frame of mind to set you up for success, and the limiting beliefs to let go of. If you’re a female entrepreneur who values profit and lifestyle equally, then the only way to build a business you love is to create a profitable lifestyle business – to free up the time to have a life, and to generate the income to make it incredibly profitable. That’s exactly what we tackle inside The Identity Project.