“With being an online Entrepreneur it can be so isolating so any time you have the ability to get into a room of the same like-minded people, it’s just invaluable”

Launch & Business Strategist

“Being able to hear Grace’s really focused solutions was a huge help… I think it’s going to make a difference to getting things done in the next three months… or it would have taken me a year”

Yoga Teacher & Musician (Sun & Dark)

“It’s been amazing and I can’t say enough how business life changing it’s been”

House & Home Design Studio

“It helped me so much because Grace pin-pointed exactly where to start and where to finish – she takes you through step-by-step and it doesn’t leave anything missing”

Libby Westcombe

“I absolutely recommend it… I’d just say jump in! I had a pretty good running business already… but I really needed that extra help with the automation and the strategy behind the funnels”

Julia Mann
Lash Tribe

“What I really loved about it is that what you get on camera is what Grace is like… so all that value that you get from just being in her circle or in her community… she delivers on the day!”

Gennye Anderzon
Rainbow Centre for Soul Potential

“I had no roadmap… I didn’t know how to get there… and I feel like Grace is the missing link”

Roma Waterman
Professional Vocal Coach

“Grace’s input has been really significant in the way I work. She’s had a massive impact on how I can practically achieve what I want to achieve”

Elizabeth Farlie
Brand Tomorrow

“I’m a busy person and I really love the way she just cuts through and gives you strategies to really make a difference in your business”

Cydney O’Sullivan

“I watched the webinar and couldn’t get my credit card out fast enough to join because I was like this is so badly what I need! And I’ve been really thrilled with the results”

Fiona Paulsen

“I wanted to create a lifestyle where I could stay at home with my babies and raise them…but also still use my professional skills that I’ve spent the last decade building. The support that you get online, and the training that Grace gives is just incredible – I haven’t come across anything like it”

Catherine Doocey
Flourish Boldly

“Not only just meeting Grace, but the other women, and realising that it doesn’t matter where you are in your business journey… we’re all learning… and in a productive way though… it’s really positive”

Sallyanne Pisk
Eating For You

“It’s been a beautiful process to really hone in on your Genius Zone. If you’re ready to actually take action and find true results… I’ve made well over an extra $30,000 in a matter of six months where I never thought it could exist”

Dr. Cara Tucker
Clinical Psychologist

“I like the support from the girls in the group. If you’ve got a question you can always put it out there and there’s always someone who’s going to be able to help you… it’s a really supportive group of women. And I really like being able to ask questions and you know that Grace will is going to look at your questions for the fortnightly calls”

Michelle Kirby
Energy & Gut Restoration Specialist

“Since I’ve been involved, I’ve had a massive shift in what I am doing with the business, where I’m going to take the business… I’ve been doing it hard… all my life… and now I can see an easier way… a more profitable way of doing things”

Deena Janes
Your Client Matters

“The biggest value is mingling with like-minded people. Being around females even though they’re not in the same niche or the same business… they’re still going through the same challenges”

Tania Sasik

“What I love about Grace is that she’s real. She knows exactly the struggles that us women are going through. There’s no fluff, there are no bubbles, it’s just cut the rubbish, just do it”

Shonel Balsillie
El Generation

“What I’ve realised is that you actually just have to do exactly what she says and it works. Having the step-by-step guide as to exactly what to do to set up the business you want is awesome”

Karen Robertson
Pram Fitness

“One of my favourite parts is the people that I’m meeting. It seems to be attracting people for longevity rather than just do a course off you go… it seems  like there’s a community as well”

Jo Balmforth
Celebrating Sexuality Festival

“Grace Lever is absolutely amazing. She is what I would consider to be Australia’s top Female Entrepreneur”

Erica Martin
Sales That Don’t Suck

“All of a sudden, now I have the skills of a digital marketer that could easily charge other businesses $10,000 per month for being my client”

Miranda Tran
Miranda Tran, Flutist

“I watched the 90-minute webinar three times… and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my business”

Nina Shirley

“The Inner Circle has been completely life changing. To really accept that I can dream big… and I actually can achieve big… was somehow beyond my ability to do myself. I’m loving it. I’m wholeheartedly thankful for what I’m getting out of this.”


“The biggest win for me is to be able to do what I love… and to teach people something I am passionate about… and in three weeks we were able to sell $40,000 worth of coaching programs and be able to run our first online program”


“I had a consistent stream of prospects but how I was doing it, up until meeting Grace, was not sustainable for building a lifestyle firm. If I wanted to reach that 7-figure mark, I wasn’t going to be able to do it – and keep my sanity. Grace’s program allowed me to recognise that I can do 7-figures and still enjoy my lifestyle”


“All your dreams can come true when you’ve got the systems in place… when you’ve got the right girls masterminding around you… and when you’ve got a mentor who’s done it!”


Chelsea Jones
Chelsea Jones Design

Quinn Curtis
Soul Brand Strategist

Rupali Monga
Marketing & Sales Funnels Strategist

Cathy Olson
Love Inspired

Kate Potterfield
Kate Potterfield Communications

Kushla Chadwick
The Confident Coach Academy

Helen Renisch
Star Dynamic

Kelly Maniatis
Left Field Co.

Sandy Forster
Wildly Wealthy Women

Kristina Devlin
The In Principle

Nicola Grace
The Mission Mentor

Michelle Fleming
Michelle Fleming Communications

Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown Photography

Bec McCallum
Optimum Wellness Movement